A New Look for the Crypto Treasury Marketing Site

Objective: To elevate Multis' digital footprint by breaking free from restrictive template constraints, enhancing the website's user experience, and creating a cohesive brand identity across online and offline mediums.
Approach: Prioritising the integration announcement of Solana, I crafted a compelling visual narrative for social media, marrying the simplicity of Solana's logo with our vibrant branding. A focus on navigation improvement and a comprehensive cleanup of the landing page was essential, addressing visual inconsistencies and ensuring seamless responsiveness across devices. The customer and blog pages underwent a meticulous design overhaul to align with the sophisticated aesthetics of Linear and Ramp, while ensuring the functionality remained intuitive.
Implementation: Leveraging Figma and Framer, I introduced new components and streamlined navigation, redefined the customer module, and revitalised the blog interface with a keen eye on typography, spacing, and colour palette.
Outcomes: The result was a refreshed, responsive website that not only aligned with the company's evolving digital strategy but also resonated with our customer base. The project culminated in the rollout of polished social media assets, a range of offline branding materials, and a solidified digital presence that truly represents the innovative spirit of Multis.