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Norwich, UK
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Starry sky over a foreign planet.




I designed a streamlined app suite for scientists to track, record, and report research, all within the Material Design 3 framework.
Image of floating ui screens over an AI generated lab image.
I Revamped a Startups Digital Presence, Delivering a new landing page, changelog, blog, and customer showcase.
An open MacBook Air displays a webpage for a crypto treasury management platform named 'Multis'. The laptop is positioned center on a textured, black, wave-patterned surface. The screen shows a dark-themed webpage with a prominent heading that reads 'Crypto treasury, under control.'
The macbook is displayed on an AI generated image of textures of a black and white desert dunes.
I streamlined the ticketing experience and navigation, enhancing productivity and setting the stage for feature expansion.
A customer support ticket interface displayed on a computer screen with a blurred purple background. The ticket is open on a ticketing system with navigation tabs at the top. The main body of the ticket reads, 'Hi Support, I'm interested in your Hermes bookcase but I can't seem to find the dimensions on your website. Can you provide me with these? Abigail.' There's a placeholder for a reply below the message, and on the right, a user profile for 'James Coy' is visible, with notes and a ticket thread beneath. In the reply section, an image is attached showing a laptop with a colourful geometric pattern on its screen and stickers around the keyboard
I conceptualised a new community-building platform that leverages positive design patterns & gamification to enhance social interactions and strengthen communal bonds.
A hand holding a smartphone against a soft pink to white gradient background. The phone displays an app interface with a black background and pink accents. The app's name, 'pinpoint', is at the top in pink lowercase letters. Below is a stylized graphic of a pin and a conversation bubble in pink outline. The caption reads 'the online community notice board where genuine relationships thrive.' A prominent pink 'sign up' button is at the bottom, inviting users to join.
I prototyped a Hiring System for a Tech Giant that encouraged growth and development through gamifaction.
"James is an absolute star and can't recommend him highly enough for any job requiring a dedicated UI/UX designer with that bit extra. James has a strong, structured approach to his UX thinking, taking the time to understand the user and ask the right questions. He has a great eye for design and his can do attitude and brilliant communication skills make him a delight to work with.
- Jacqui Rays
I Brought their new identity to life as a bold new website design.
A web page for 'WRISTI•ES', Australia's largest luxury watch marketplace, is displayed on a tablet with a black bezel, set against a background featuring a dark, textured pattern. The website features a striking orange header with white text that reads 'OVER 50,000 WATCHES LISTED EVERY YEAR! Discover Australia’s Largest Luxury Watch Marketplace'. Below, there's a subheading saying 'Connect with a community of local dealers and private sellers.' Two call-to-action buttons, 'BUY A WATCH' and 'SELL A WATCH', are presented underneath. The webpage's design is modern and minimalistic, with a bold use of colour and typography.
Live Site (Coming Soon)
I Built a startup in 54hrs, Designed a brand, assets for presentation, and a website to buy art on framer
An art exhibition label for a 'Self Portrait' by Anok, displayed next to the artwork. The label is on a teal background with white text that reads 'DeCurate Self Portrait by Anok' with a QR code on the right side. The artwork above is a detailed black and white illustration filled with various elements such as expressive eyes, stars, and abstract shapes, showing a chaotic yet intricate style. The location 'Norwich' is noted at the bottom of the label
I Led the redesign of HeadteacherChat’s design system and web presence, ensuring a consistent, user-centric experience across web and physical products.
An open MacBook Air on a reflective surface with a soft pink and white gradient background. The screen displays a website titled 'HeadteacherChat'. The navigation bar includes options like Home, Downloadable PDFs, Partners, Podcasts, Webinars, Blog, and Recommended Products & Services. The main section shows a banner with the text 'Join in our conversation', encouraging visitors to 'Learn everything you need to know to do your job well' and to subscribe to a newsletter. Below the text is a photo of a smiling man and woman, my parents, seated in a library.

Studio Notes

The Designers Loop
The first note in my 'Designers Toolkit.' How to build better products by tightening the feedback loop.


Startup Full-Stack Design
Tools: Figma
Comprehensive design solutions from branding to product launch, aimed at creating a cohesive design framework to shape and show off your product.
Web Design and Low-Code Development
Tools: Webflow, Framer, Webstudio etc
Custom website design with a seamless user experience and aesthetic appeal that boosts your visibility, engages your customers, and tells your story.
App Design
Tools: Figma.
Effective & aesthetic app interfaces designed to enrich user engagement and drive utility
UX/UI Design
Tools: Figma.
Strategic design to simplify and enhance the journey, boosting user satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of conversion and retention.
Design Systems
Tools: Figma.
Development of robust design frameworks that ensure consistency across all your digital platforms, streamlining design processes and reinforcing brand identity.
Rapid Prototyping
Tools: Figma.
Quick-turnaround prototypes to validate concepts, enabling you to iterate quickly and bring user-tested products to market with confidence.
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All the skills & tools I bring to projects and work to design & build.
UI/UX Design Principles
Foundation of creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces.
User Testing:
Getting important feedback and insights on your products and website.
Responsive Web Design:
Ensuring websites function seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes.
Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript):
Building and styling interactive website elements.
User Research and Testing:
Gathering user insights to inform and validate design decisions.
Accessibility and Inclusive Design:
Creating websites usable by people with diverse abilities.
SEO Fundamentals:
Optimising website design for better search engine ranking.
Collaborative interface design and prototyping.
Visual Studio Code:
Code editing for web development.
Building comprehensive and robust sites on the web with full CMS, interactions, logic, and more
For building quick and simply, great for landing pages, or websites with low technical requirements but a desire for fun and interactive websites built quickly.
Open source alternative for Webflow.
Git & Github
Version control and team collaboration in software development.
Understanding user behavior through heatmaps and session recordings.

About Me

image of me at the sainsburys center smiling into one of the artworks
Hi! I'm James, a designer who focuses on web experiences, gravitating towards products with clear purpose, drive, and collaborative teams.
When I'm not adding frames in figma, publishing on webflow/framer/webstudio, or collecting sweet designs for my reference library, you can find me reading. I'm a huge Sci-Fi and fantasy fan, currently reading Dune by Frank Herbert, and I have a particular love for Ursula K Le Guin and her speculative worlds that are made to question our own.
I'm also a bit of a nerd around productivity tools, especially ones that value privacy, freedom in customising them, and are local first. Favourites at the moment are Obsidian, Muse by Ink and Switch (huge inspiration of mine), and also Arc Browser by The Browser Company.
My career in the creative industries started at an agency called Lambda Films, where I was responsible for the visual quality of our productions. It was here I learnt about visual storytelling, how to take pride in craft, and began finding my curiosity for design and the web.
After stepping out on my own to learn, I enrolled at the UX Design Institute where I about good experiences, how to research, the techniques of the trade, and cemented my love for design.
Since graduating I have been freelance, designing for clients huge and tiny, and helping companies across the world to level up their apps, websites, and branding.
I have also been hugely involved in the family company, HeadteacherChat, where I've helped them build a new home on the web, implemented a new custom design system for print, social, and web, and created designs for their planners. It's been a hugely impactful collaboration for me and has helped me put my design ideas to the test before I had clients.
Currently seeking partnerships with companies in need of expert UX, UI, and web development services. My focus is on delivering solutions that enhance user engagement, streamline interfaces, and amplify your online presence. With a specialised skillset tailored to address common digital design challenges, I offer the strategic insight and technical prowess necessary to elevate your brand and drive growth.


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Lao Tzu
Tao Te Ching
Translated by Ursula K Le Guin Read
The Lathe of Heaven Ursula K Le Guin Read


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